zabdiel boylston’s relatives who were inoculated

relatives of jerusha minot boylston

Relations of Cotton Mather who were inoculated

Persons Inoculated by Boylston

boylston, tom 6 boston brattle street 26-Jun son of ZB jack 36 boston brattle street slave of zb jackie ### boston brattle street son of jack above cheever, joshua 39 boston old north 12-Jul cordwainer (shoemaker) hiller, john 34 boston 14-Jul cooper and shopkeeper moll 37 boston brattle street 14-Jul slave of zb wife of […]

boston town house (state house)

Boylston was arraigned before the selectmen in this building

statue of Sam Adams

Sam Adams, the patriot. His parents and sister were inoculated in 1721

hello-to my surprise and delight Create Space have got Defying Providence up on Amazon sooner that I expected. I will speed up my supplementary postings. Please feel free to ask questions or make comments while this is a work in progress.

defying providence

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Hello world!

Hello world!

Hello. This blog supports my book |” Defying Providence” which is a history of the 18th century practice of inoculation. They gave people, often children, virulent smallpox.Why, how they determined that it was safe, and how the practice altered the world are the main themes of the book. I intend to post supplementary material that […]